Graffiti is very versatile and fits into any interior. It creates depth, creates space and can make a wall disappear. In addition, you as a client have complete freedom over the subject and great control over the end result. Here we show you 10 examples of what graffiti can look like in your own home.

Making the impossible possible

With graffiti you make the impossible possible: bring nature into your home if you live in the city center or have the New York skyline painted on the wall in your farmhouse. View the result here:

Natural wall painting

Mountains in the garden

A nice house comes with a garden where you can spend time with pleasure. If your garden borders on an ugly wall, you can quickly change that with a mural. In this example of an assignment in Belgium, the neighbors' house served as a canvas. The result of a long day of work? A beautiful mountain landscape with a splashing waterfall.

A beautiful mountain landscape with a splashing waterfall.

Optical illusion

When a wall is 'in the way' but cannot be demolished just like that, graffiti is an original solution. We created a tropical glimpse at this house; an optical illusion that matches the refreshing swimming pool much better than a gray wall.

See through mouse painting

Shared ceiling painting

Why would you keep a painting for yourself? That is what the project developer of several houses in Hasselt, Belgium must have thought. Graffitinetwerk was asked to make a ceiling painting in the style of Nick Ervinck in the common room, a former church. Judge yourself.

Ceiling painting

The right style for every interior

Graffiti in the house is really not only suitable for modern and industrial interiors. The examples on this page already show that. And take a look at this eye-catching decoration; you would almost think that it is ready-made wallpaper, that is how the artists worked here.

eye-catching decoration

Inspire with street art

The nice thing about graffiti is that you can use it to create every possible scene in any desired style. Where wallpaper is very limited to the available designs, everything is possible with a wall painting. In this children's room, a tough basketball player was chosen who will undoubtedly inspire the child to achieve great sports performance.

Street art children's room

Meditate in style

We were allowed to place a graffiti in Martijn's house in the Groningen town of Leek. In fluorescent colors we sprayed an imposing Buddha on his white wall, which now forms the radiant center of his interior. Lately, this type of wall painting is very popular with those who practice and / or meditate yoga.

Fluor budha

Colors to dream away with

One of the characteristics of graffiti is the exuberant color play. Even in a bedroom this can turn out well. The bed textiles match the vibrant colors on the back wall in terms of colors. Sleep tight!

graffiti hotel

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