Digiffiti (digital graffiti)

You can spray graffiti without paint splatters with our digital graffiti wall. Digiffiti® is a multi-user application that works on an interactive screen, ideal during events and parties!

De digital graffiti wall has been developed to entertain your guests in a creative and original way during events, fairs and parties. The Digiffiti wall can be fully customized to match your brand, corporate identity, event or product. An image can also be inserted that we use as a basis for the artworks to be made. This way we can digitally customize your brand during a creative workshop or a colorful demonstration.

The Graffiti wall in your corporate identity

The digital graffiti application has a wide color palette with all conceivable colors, different line thicknesses and different line types. Use is made of a wide range of templates, stamps and backgrounds and an overlay to place a logo, logo or message. You cannot spray over the overlay, it will always remain visible and in the foreground. The overlay, usually a logo, also remains visible during printing and placing the creation on Facebook or Twitter.

The backgrounds in the digital graffiti application can be provided with 'branding' in advance and possibly be completely replaced by your own visual. It is also possible to place a silhouette or coloring page of an object and / or product as a background, participants then create a creation based on your visual. Digiffiti is digital graffiti without paint and spray!



Air graffiti wall

Arbo Unie

Arbo Unie

Graffiti wall



Digital graffiti wall



Graffiti number



Airgraffiti wall



Street art



Digital graffiti wall




The digital graffiti wall

We work with special spray cans that, instead of paint, emit infrared light that communicates with the Digiffiti wall. A big advantage of working with infrared light is that there is no paint smell or paint spray released, this is the graffiti wall usable everywhere. Nice is that the characteristic sizzling sound of the spray can be heard during spraying. Digiffiti was developed by real graffiti artists with more than 20 years of graffiti experience to keep the experience as realistic as possible.

We also provide spectacular digital graffiti demonstrations during events, parties, trade shows and product presentations. Let us bring your brand to life in a creative and inspiring way!

Creations directly on social media

If a WI-FI connection is available on location, the artworks created can be viewed from the Digiffiti application can be sent directly to a Facebook or Twitter page or to an e-mail address. All artworks are also automatically digitally stored as an image or video. An extra option is to print the artworks on glossy photo paper during the event and to give it directly to the visitors.

Greenscreen photo booth

In addition to digital graffiti spraying, it is also possible that our photographer will take live photos of your guests in a so-called greenscreen setting during your party, exhibition or event. These photos are automatically displayed on the graffiti wall after which your guests can personalize their own photo. Among other things, backgrounds, texts, templates or moving images can be added to create a unique and often funny creation. The result can then directly from the digital graffiti wall be placed on the well-known social media channels or be printed live on glossy photo paper. The greenscreen or photobooth setting is an extra option and is usually stationed right next to the graffiti wall.

Request information

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1 - Workshops

Information about our workshops for private individuals can be found on this page: Workshops for individuals.
You can register for the open days via the mentioned page, not via this contact form.


Frequently asked questions and practical information

When you choose our workshops you are assured that everything is taken care of to perfection.


The creations can be sent from the graffiti wall to e-mail, facebook and twitter or printed on glossy photos.


The digiffiti wall can be fully customized by adding stencils, backgrounds and an overlay with a logo.


The screen has a format of 3,3 × 2,8m (WxH), at the back of the screen we need ± 1,5m for the technology.

Length of time

The duration of the workshop or demonstration is tailored to the duration of the event.

24 / 7 available

The graffiti wall can be scheduled 7 days per week at a time of your choice.


The number of artists and / or accompanists is adjusted to the number of expected visitors.

Work area

We take care of our digital graffiti wall at any location you choose in the Benelux or beyond.

All inclusive

We provide all materials, the only thing that we need on site is a power point.

Inside Outside

In principle, the graffiti wall can only be used indoors in rooms where it is not too light.