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Commissioned to have a mural made?

Do you want make a muralThen there are a few things you can think about. Like the location; inside or outside, what is the purpose of the painting; is this commercial or just decorative and the main question; what do you want to show? Wall and wall paintings are used more often and more widely than you may realize. The possibilities are therefore enormous. In this article you can read about the many options that are available if you want to have a mural made in commission. You will see that you can go in many directions and that a lot is possible. Fortunately, our professional artists are great at advising you about your own, custom-made wall decoration.

Would you like to have a mural made? From concept to fully elaborated wall painting, we are guaranteed to transform your wall into a unique eye-catcher!

Murals in and around the house

Murals are used both indoors and outdoors. When you think of an indoor mural, you may first think of the decoration of a baby or children's room, but you can look much wider. Of course, the room walls of the smallest family members are regularly decorated with beautiful wall paintings in a specific theme. Such as a fairy tale, jungle, animals, Disney characters, cartoons or, when they are a bit bigger, an idol, graffiti letters or the logo and colors of a sports club.

But, if we zoom in on the private environment, consider a mural in the living room, kitchen on the walls of the toilet or on that boring wall in the garden or garage. Here, for example, we often make a trompe l'oeil, say a see-through effect. A painting that gives the illusion that you are looking through an opening at a tropical or natural-looking environment or through an arbor at a garden or sea that extends to the horizon. This one murals we often make it in the garden, for example to hide an ugly garage wall or to give the garden an extra dimension.

You will also come across wall paintings in living rooms or in the hall, so that wallpaper, paintings or other forms of wall covering are no longer necessary. For an indoor wall painting, the client can bring his own creativity and ideas, but we are also happy to contribute ideas. A small selection of what can be depicted, for example: a portrait or an image of your idol, pet or a celebrity of which you are a fan, a name, word, poem or life motto, a holiday photo or a beautiful landscape or view. Our artists like to be surprised with special wishes and ideas and can (imitate) almost anything.

Decorative wall paintings

Wall paintings for private use are mainly or even for decoration. But you can also go in all directions with wall paintings and that happens a lot. Let's start indoors again. More precisely, inside the offices, canteens and other company buildings. Because in canteens, stairwells, industrial halls and parking garages you regularly come across beautiful murals. Usually, probably not unexpectedly, based on a company slogan or logo, in the corporate identity of the organization or company. Within advertising, or creative branding actually.

And think about it too murals in restaurants, hospitals, swimming pools, the reception of hotels or leisure organizations such as gyms. Again, the only limitation is your imagination. With murals you can create a surprising and unique entrance, recognisability, a specific atmosphere and the feeling of belonging. Wall paintings can of course also be used as a (subtle) advertising medium in which, for example, a logo, service, product or house style is incorporated in a creative way.

Painted electricity house in Rijswijk.

Painted electricity house in Rijswijk.

Handmade advertising murals

A painting based on a large image from a movie, the cover of a new album, a sports or other brand, a new phone model? Those are advertising paintings that tend towards a handmade advertisement. However, they often have a long shelf life. When making a design for a mural, we always include the immediate environment in the whole. And by that we mean: what kind of structures are surrounding it, what is the appearance of the environment or neighborhood and how does the mural best fit into this. This prevents it from becoming a loud thing that completely detonates with the immediate environment. In the case of electricity houses or tunnels, municipalities can also use the chosen mural as a participation project in which local residents can contribute ideas. Read more about street art on transformer houses.

Housing associations regularly use murals on outside buildings or at the entrance, often opting for an art form. For example, a painting inspired by an existing work of art or the history of the building or the environment. An advertising mural, or actually any other mural that is applied outside, already creates the necessary interaction during application. Passers-by stop, take photos and share the images on social media.

Murals are also used by shopping centers, sometimes also supported by ground paintings to get people to take action. Often the intended action is walking into a specific store or introducing a new product or service. Advertising murals are thus created on the basis of a product, service, brand, slogan, event or logo. For inspiration, take a look at these corporate wall murals:

How does the design of a painting come about?

As you can see, there are many options and choices to make to arrive at the perfect painting for you. Fortunately, you don't have to make these alone. We like to think along with you and not only bring ideas, but also years of experience with making murals and using the right materials. Together with you as a customer, we determine the interpretation, appearance, size and colors of the painting. We then describe the idea in a concept that we support with images and examples of, for example, previously created work. If we agree, our artists will get to work.

How long does it take to make a wall painting?

Most murals require no more than a day's work. One wall painting on an outer wall takes a little longer, we often work on that for several days. Anyone who has some knowledge of traditional painting knows that what we do is faster and therefore more efficient than ordinary painting. Wall paintings outside are usually given a coat of lacquer for extra protection against the sun and deepening of the colours. A wall painting is semi-permanent and in principle lasts for decades.

The basis for a beautiful result

When painting in and around the house, it is nice if the customer prepares the substrate himself. This usually means that the wall must first be wiped with a slightly damp cloth so that dust and dirt are removed. Sometimes it is also necessary to provide the wall with a (new) layer of wall paint. If you want to have a wall painted in a new-build home, make sure that the walls have evaporated first and are provided with a primer. We usually work with spray paint and sometimes with special paint markers to create the mural. Nowadays there is also wall paint that purifies the air and thus filters harmful substances from the air. Of course, when we work on location, we cover the necessary so that no unwanted paint mist or paint splashes are left behind.

A selection of the different types of paintings

So there are many different types of murals. In size, appearance and purpose, but also in use of materials. It is often the case that an artist has his own style. The artists of Graffitinetwerk are all-round, which means that we can (re)make everything and are not limited to working in a specific style. We work with a network of experienced and expert artists, mainly from the Netherlands and Belgium, but also from other European countries.

Versatile people who guarantee a wide variety in style and skills. We have a specialist for every type of painting, whether it concerns a photo-realistic wall painting, a detailed painting in a children's room or a complete atmospheric painting on a shop wall, outside wall or in a parking garage. Below we explain a selection of the possible paintings. For inspiration, view more examples in our extensive portfolio.

Optical illusions and 3D murals
Have a mural made that breaks out of the standard frames and displays an image not 2D but 3D? With a 3D mural or optical illusion, the impression can be created that what is depicted comes to life and seems to really be in space, as it were. A mural 2.0 is the best way to describe our 3D murals and optical illusions. This type of painting can be used in many ways, including as an interactive painting or photobooth background during an event or fair where it will appear that the visitor becomes part of the optical illusion.

Logo and corporate identity murals
In addition to taking care of graffiti, street art and other colorful creations, we also provide super sleek paintings based on a logo, house style or company slogan. For example, we can provide the entrance, company canteen, outer wall, parking garage, staircase, industrial hall or office space with a custom-made painting in the look and feel of your company.

Graffiti children's rooms
Have a unique painting made for your son or daughter instead of standard wallpaper? We transform baby and children's rooms into colorful works of art. Often in a graffiti children's room a painting is made of a name in graceful or cool letters with an element that, for example, depicts a hobby. We can also provide the wall with a painting in a specific theme. For example: Disney characters, game characters, sports or music idols, superheroes and other random themes. Also check out our article about graffiti nursery to get inspired.

Blacklight and glow in the dark paintings
Most colors used in a blacklight painting can also be seen in daylight, but not all. Only when the blacklight (UV light) comes on and shines on the painting, does the drawing come into its own. A glow in the dark or blacklight effect is often applied to murals in nightclubs, laser tag centers and glow golf or glow in the dark bowling centers.

Graffiti names and words
Where it all started for most of us: making names, words and texts in graffiti style only now on commission. Graffiti names are often made on walls in children's rooms. Graffiti letters do not always have to be raw and tough, we can of course also make ornate or other types of letters.

Street art murals and decoration
A street art mural usually refers to a painting in which many tags and throwups can be seen. It often gives a nice result to combine this with, for example, a photo-realistic portrait or a stencil art image. Street art murals are often used in restaurants and shops because of their appearance, we also regularly provide street art paintings in offices, company buildings and private individuals.

2D and 3D street painting
3D street painting is often used as part of an event, city marketing, route indication or in combination with an awareness campaign. The illusion is usually created that an object or image appears to be rising from a hole in the ground. In general, you can stand on specific points so that, when taking a photo from the vantage point, it looks like you are part of the street painting yourself.

Trompe l'oeil (see-through) paintings
A trompe l'oeil is best described as a glimpse. This type of mural creates the illusion that you are looking through something, a hole in the wall, through an arbor to a garden, a staircase that is not really there and so on. What can be seen in the view is of course determined in consultation and tailored to your wishes, the goal and the location.

Sign painting, calligraphy and wall texts
Signpainting refers to the drawing of handwritten texts, names, logos and letters. Sign painting is sometimes also called calligraphy, a word that you probably immediately have an image of. Letters in beautiful, carefully designed designs. Signpainting is used, among other things, on cars, company walls and in shop windows.

Photorealism, portraits and paintings
Photorealistic paintings are (re)created as realistically as possible. The basis can be, for example, a portrait photo, a landscape or an image of a product or object. A photo-realistic mural usually contains many details. For example, it can also be given a colorful or artistic touch so that it is not 'just' a copy of an existing photo.

Graphic wall and ground paintings
A painting can also depict graphic, abstract or minimalist shapes. This is possible for both wall and ground paintings. These paintings usually have a decorative or informative function.

Sepia (color) paintings
In some situations it can have added value to have a mural made in a specific color scheme. This can be, for example, black and white, or variations on a specific color of, for example, a house style. A painting made in sepia tones gives an authentic look and is often used to depict old cityscapes.

Chalk texts and drawings
A chalk style painting has its own look. This style is often applied to walls in restaurants and company canteens. Because real chalk is too perishable, chalk texts and drawings are made with waterproof/permanent paint markers. White lines give a nice effect on a black or dark background, but adding more color to the whole is of course also possible.

Penstripe art paintings
Penstripe art is still fairly new. An image, for example a portrait photo or an image of a product, is recreated by our drawing robot on the basis of stripes, dots and lines. Penstripe art works of art are unique, because the drawing robot never draws exactly the same image twice. A penstripe art painting can be a nice (business) gift. The penstripe robot can also draw live portraits during events and trade fairs.

Graffiti murals as an anti-graffiti solution

We bring our graffiti murals so on both inside and outside and we use different materials for this. The primer or wall paint for an interior painting is often already applied by the customer, after which we apply the desired image with spray paint. Paintings outside are finished with a transparent lacquer to protect the color. We now know from experience that our graffiti murals are rarely daubed. That is why we never actually apply an anti-graffiti coating. When it does happen, this mainly results in stains when removing the unwanted graffiti. But as said, it hardly ever happens that our graffiti paintings are daubed.

Places where clients prefer not to be daubed - usually in public spaces - can be well protected with a beautiful mural. There is nothing more discouraging than a wall that has already been completely painted by professional graffiti artists. Our artists are regularly engaged by municipalities or utility companies to provide, for example, bicycle tunnels, viaducts or electricity houses with an anti-graffiti painting. But you can also protect shutters, fences, transformers or fences against graffiti nuisance by providing them with a beautiful graffiti artwork. In some cases, it is also possible to opt for an approach in which the implementation, and sometimes also part of the implementation, is provided by means of a neighborhood participation project.

Demonstrations and live painting

We can provide a graffiti demonstration or live painting during an event, company party, festival or open day. In these paintings we can reflect the atmosphere and recognizable elements of the event, we can also process logos, shapes, images or ideas of the visitors in the painting. It is also possible that we make a design in advance and apply it as a coloring page on the work surface, the visitors can then work out parts of the painting themselves under supervision. We finish the painting neatly so that the end result is certainly as desired and can be given a place within the company. A graffiti or street art demonstration, live painting or digital graffiti workshop will be a creative addition to your party, fair or event.

More colorful examples…

For inspiration, a number of colorful examples of ground and wall paintings made by us. Also view the overview of all offered by us paintings.

What does it cost to have wall and wall decoration made?

Having a mural designed and produced costs money, that's logical. How much, that depends on various factors such as location, accessibility, difficulty, size and of course the wishes of the customer. Our paintings are always custom made. Of course there are starting prices, in general we can provide you with paintings in and around the house from € 250. If you want to know exactly what the costs of a mural are, we can quickly find out. When the request is made via the contact form on our website, we can send you the quotation for making your unique painting, usually within an hour.

Because we are a relatively small company, we work in the most efficient way possible for us. This means that we would like to receive a request via the contact form on our website. While filling in this form, a number of questions are asked so that we immediately get a good picture of the wishes and the situation and we can quickly send you a quote. When the quotation is approved, we determine the execution date/dates in consultation. After this we will start preparing your wall or wall decoration† We do this on the basis of our checklist, in which all wishes, details, questions and practical matters are discussed in a clear and logical way.

Can I also make graffiti paintings myself?

You can certainly try that. To start with, you could follow a workshop to become familiar with the basic techniques so that you can also estimate whether you want to try making a painting yourself. There is also a on our site Graffiti online tutorial that you can view.

If you don't dare or want to be sure of quality, please contact us. We have been providing graffiti and murals for companies and private individuals at home and abroad since the 90s. We do this with a team that consists of dozens of artists with a lot of experience. We also regularly give demonstrations at events.

Do you want to have a mural made?

Do you have questions about our paintings after reading this article? Do you want a have a mural made† Or do you want to know more about the possibilities, costs and our schedule or availability? Please contact one of our specialists and receive more information without obligation.

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