Graffiti art is completely contemporary

The time that graffiti only vandalism has long since passed. Nowadays it is hip to have a mural made as an advertising painting, decoration or anti-graffiti solution.

Graffiti is a challenging form of street art that is increasingly used by companies. Not only to communicate an advertising message, but also as a creative workshop and original company outing for employees, relations and customers.

We provide daily, as an outing or team building activity, creative workshops where you can get started with these street art techniques under professional guidance.

No wonder, because the shapes and brightly colored messages make you think. This gives the space to get to know each other better as colleagues and to jointly develop a company motto in a creative way.

Creativity is intelligence having fun - Albert Einstein

Spraying a graffiti workshop as a company outing

Spraying graffiti, everyone likes it and it is definitely worth recommending! Graffiti started as forbidden daubing of walls in the eighties and has developed into a true art form that can be applied in many ways.

The graffiti workshop is a creativity that almost everyone can do with the help of our professional guidance. Our workshop program is practical as a creative company outing. You learn from experience graffiti sprayers more about the materials, basic techniques and safety measures. Read more about our workshops.

After a series of individual exercises, the group works during our graffiti workshop to a joint work of art. Collaboration is central here. From brainstorming and devising the concept to the actual artwork as the end result.

In the graffiti workshop Rotterdam as a creative company outing

In the graffiti workshop Rotterdam as a creative company outing

Murals at home or in the office

You can also contact us for an advertising or wall painting. We translate your logo, theme or corporate identity into a striking wall painting, made by professional graffiti artists.

Of course you are free to choose the colors, dimensions and subjects of your own wall painting to come up with. Do you want a beautiful mural at home in the living room or children's room or on a garden wall? We take care of that too! Contact us for a customized proposal or read more about our paintings.

We also provide graffiti demonstrations during an event, company party or festival. This live art can be created in the theme or atmosphere of the event, or any other chosen topic. We can also process input from the visitors into the demonstration painting.

The live painting can be made on our work surface in combination with loose canvases or on a wall or wooden panels. The canvases can be a nice promotional gift! A graffiti demo is fun to watch because of the build up of the graffiti painting can be followed from start to finish.

The street art company of the Benelux

Graffitinetwerk it is street art and graffiti company from the Netherlands and Belgium. Our years of experience in making murals have already given us many assignments for nationally known companies.

In addition to making advertising paintings we provide creative workshops for companies and our professional graffiti sprayers provide murals in your company or home.

In addition, our guerrilla marketing in the form of striking outdoor and street advertising campaigns, it is now impossible to imagine the current street scene. Know more about what one graffiti company all does?

Real graffiti, but then digitally

Customize your brand or product in a unique way with our digital graffiti wall! Digiffiti is an interactive multi-user application that can be used to create digital graffiti on a large screen. The created artworks are automatically stored digitally and sent by e-mail.

An additional option is to print the artworks made during the event on glossy photo paper and to give them directly to the visitors. A unique and original addition to your event or party! Digiffiti is digital graffiti without paint smell and paint mist.

Commissioned photos of street art and graffiti

Some photos that show the possibilities of street art and graffiti on commission. View our comprehensive portfolio for more examples.

How can you use graffiti art?

Wondering how you graffiti art can bet? Or do you have a completely different idea for a creative project, let us know. You can also contact us without obligation for questions or advice.

Due to the wide variation in prices, we recommend that you request a price calculation via our contact page. Contact us now and receive information, advice or a price calculation today.

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