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Light painting workshops

Give light-painting, also called light-graffiti or light-writing, free rein to creativity and fantasy and create a spectacular piece of art with light, individually or in a team!

The light-painting workshop is inspiring and super cool to do! Our expert teachers will introduce you to the unknown and mysterious light graffiti techniques. After the explanation and individual exercises, a work of art is made together in which everyone is responsible for his or her part of the final result. Write a word, name or cry, draw your own silhouette and give yourself wings, or work with friends or colleagues to create a vision for the future, with light graffiti you can make anything.

The lightpainting workshop program

After the welcome and welcome speech by our experienced workshop teachers, the light-painting workshop starts with a clear explanation about the use of the materials. Before we split the group into smaller groups, we first take a group photo. The individual program of the light-painting workshops consists of a series of challenging exercises that increase in difficulty.

The theme and the brainstorming session

After the techniques are practiced, a 'light-art' piece of art is created together. To form an idea for the creation, a joint concept is devised by means of a brief brainstorming moment for each group. This is also the moment when our teachers can link a possible theme to the workshop, for example this can be a cry, color, shape, image or logo.

The group evaluation

After the light-painting workshops, we evaluate the work done per team / group by means of a group evaluation. Each group tells the rest of the team what the thoughts are behind the created artwork and how they came to the creation. Usually one of our teachers also gives his or her vision of the work made. The photos taken are digitally sent to you after the workshop in high resolution so that they can be printed as a poster, for example.

Employability: Our light-painting workshop can be used, among other things, as a creative activity during company outings, incentive, team building, department outings, meeting breaks, events and bachelor parties.

Practical information

View the practical information and frequently asked questions about our light-painting workshops.


Work is done both individually and in groups, the emphasis is on collaboration.


The minimum number of participants is 10 or the corresponding rate, there is no maximum number of participants.


We provide workshops at a location of your choice or one of our locations.

Length of time

The workshop program lasts 2 hours and can be shortened if desired.

24 / 7 available

The light-painting workshop can, at a time of your choice, be scheduled 7 days per week.


Supervision by on average one certified workshop teacher per 10 and 20 participants.


A theme, slogan, slogan or core value can be linked to the workshop.

Inside Outside

This workshop is provided both indoors and outdoors, although the space must be dark / darkened.

Works of art

The created artworks will be digitally sent by e-mail after the workshop.

Light-painting workshop films

View a few videos of our light painting workshops here.

The light-painting workshop as a team building activity for Vodafone.

Light painting during recording ANWB Light brigade video.

Light painting as side entertainment

The light-painting workshop can not only be used as a creative company outing or team building workshop, but is also an original form of side entertainment during your event or party. During the open walk-in workshop, visitors to your event can make the most beautiful light creations themselves under supervision. Use can also be made of our light-painting photo booth. One can sit alone or with a group in the lightpainting booth, after which our light artists make the most enchanting creations. The digital photos are sent afterwards or printed live on location so that they can be taken home as a souvenir.

Light-painting workshop locations

We provide our workshops mainly in the Netherlands and Belgium and can provide one lightpainting workshop care at a location of your choice or one of our locations. The light-painting workshop can be provided as a stand-alone activity or as part of a trade show, event or (company) party, but the workshop space must be somewhat darkened.

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Note: We use a minimum of 10 people or the corresponding rate, you may be interested in ours Workshops for individuals?

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