We design a wall painting especially for you based on a house style, logo, atmospheric image, name, product or image. These are our unique graffiti and street art paintings!

More and more companies are discovering the possibilities of ours graffiti murals. It is completely up-to-date to have your company logo, name, product or other image on a wall look like a real eye-catcher. A unique mural designed for your location, adapted to your specific wishes and possibly in any desired format.

Advertising paintings

We usually provide graffiti advertising murals on outside walls. A sprayed exterior wall, building fence, roller shutter or side wall not only looks well cared for, but is also an excellent advertisement for your company or location. Our murals are also often used as anti-graffiti projects in the outdoor area, such as in tunnels and alleys. Our tailor-made creations are all original art projects!

We work with a fixed network of experienced and expert graffiti street art artists from the Netherlands and Belgium, we also have good connections with graffiti artists from the rest of the world. Versatile and skilled people who guarantee a wide variation in style and knowledge. We have a specialist for every type of painting that suits your needs. Whether it is a photo-realistic wall painting, a detailed painting in a children's room or a complete atmosphere or advertising painting on an outside wall, store wall, or in a parking garage.

Biopetrol wall painting

Biopetrol wall painting


Streetpainting Alpha College

Streetpainting Alpha College

Street drawing

Graffiti name as balloons

Graffiti name as balloons

Mural children's room

Optical illusion Carnisse Veste

Optical illusion Carnisse Veste

3d street painting

Street art Amsterdam We Trust

Street art Amsterdam We Trust

Graffiti texts

3d street painting Leidsenhage

3d street painting Leidsenhage

3d ground painting on sticker

Street art painting in the house

Street art painting in the house

Wall painting

Crocs Customizing Berlin

Crocs Customizing Berlin

Customize product

Professional paintings

Our professional international team graffiti artists and artists can make anything, of course we are open to original and challenging ideas. Our graffiti murals are often used as mood decorations in clothing stores, business and office spaces, restaurants, swimming pools, (sports) schools and presentation rooms.

In many cases our murals contain characteristic colors, shapes and images and are always tailor-made and tailored to your wishes. The realization of your ideas is in good hands with us and is taken care of down to the last detail with maximum dedication where quality and an excellent end result come first.

Why choose Graffitinetwerk?

  • The first graffiti company in the Benelux
  • Graffiti and street art artists with more than 25 years of experience
  • Only professional graffiti sprayers (no hobbyists)
  • Affiliated with it Overkoepelend Graffiti Orgaan Benelux
  • Very high quality standards and good service
  • Market leader since 1990

We use only the best materials that meet the most current environmental requirements. Our spray paint produced in Europe has a rich color palette and is equipped with a 'low pressure' system, which ensures little spray mist during work. Also the characteristic paint smell is at the Flame ™ spray paint enormously minimized. Depending on the substrate, we use the synthetic or acrylic variant, which are both quick-drying and UV-resistant.

Calligraphy and sign painting

Calligraphy, also known as the art of writing, is only dominated by a relatively small group of artists. Because calligraphy is specialized and precise manual work, it is rarely used today. This letter art is even more striking when we make a custom-made piece of art for you, for example on a living room or bedroom wall. Calligraphy can also be used as a form of sign painting to turn your shop window, shop wall, chalk menu and sign or advertising board into a unique and traditional work of art.

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2 - Paintings

Frequently asked questions and practical information

When you choose our paintings you are assured that everything is taken care of to perfection.

All inclusive

Of course we take care of all materials and where necessary cover everything nicely.

24 / 7 available

A wall painting can, at a time of your choice, be scheduled 7 days per week.


For us there is no limit to the size of the desired wall or wall painting.


In connection with our quality standard and color guarantee, we always work with our own materials.


We can (re) create everything and master every conceivable style, including graffiti, abstract, figurative, photo-realistic and street art.


The concept for the painting is made in consultation with you and often tailored to the environment, space or house style.

Work area

We take care of our murals at any location you choose in the Benelux or beyond.


We always finish projects in the outdoor area with a high-quality transparent PU lacquer.


We can also apply an anti-graffiti coating or arrange maintenance on the artwork.