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Learn to make graffiti yourself with our online graffiti tutorial

Jeroen, one of the artists of Graffitinetwerk, gives you in this online graffiti course all the tips and tricks you need to learn to spray graffiti yourself. This mini course consists of 4 videos that teach you the basics of spray painting graffiti.

De Graffiti online tutorial is designed in such a way that both young and old can get started right away! So have you always wanted to make graffiti yourself? Then take your chance and join us in these educational and fun graffiti lessons during a free day, weekend or holiday period.

You will see that with the graffiti technique can quickly create a colorful work of art that will amaze yourself and others!

Have you always been curious about how graffiti is made? In our online graffiti tutorial we explain the basics of spray painting. Follow Jeroen's explanation and make your (nick) name a real work of art.

Learn to spray paint yourself in 4 videos

In 4 short videos on Youtube, Jeroen lays the foundation for it Spraying graffiti from. The topics in the videos are the following:

  1. The history of graffiti and your first sketch
  2. Develop your own graffiti design in color
  3. Different spraying techniques and exercises
  4. Turn your sketch into a real graffiti piece

Below we take you in a nutshell through this online course making graffiti yourself. Are you ready for it?

The history of graffiti and your first sketch

Because graffiti has grown into a real art form, you can't actually start without a bit about the history of graffiti to learn. We will therefore briefly discuss this in the first video.

Did you know that graffiti is very old? Long before there were aerosols, it was scratched and scratched that it was a sweet treat (and from this word comes the Italian word graffito, it means 'scratches').

Today you can use this form of street-art from Roman times in the excavated city of Pompeii. But also 'visitors' to the Roman empire, such as the Vikings, left their tags everywhere to show where they had been.

After this short history lesson (not boring!), You will immediately start working in the first video. We don't color anything yet, but make a sketch graffiti letters with nothing more than paper, pencil and an eraser.

You decide which word or name you want to make. That can be a nickname or your own name. Another word or a self-invented letter combination is of course also allowed!

Develop your own graffiti design in color

You have to leave the spray can for a while, because in the 2nd video we continue with sketching with pencil or felt-tip pen, but then in color. Coloring you graffiti design with different effects it is called 'fill-in' in professional jargon.

During this 'do it yourself' tutorial we will show you exactly how to do that and show you some examples of the possibilities.

Different spraying techniques and exercises

Finally, it's time to grab the spray can. But wait: before you spray with the aerosol you need to know a few important techniques. Jeroen teaches you in this on the basis of various exercises graffiti tutorial how to handle the aerosol to get the correct 'can control'.

Naturally, we also pay attention to the materials you need and explain what it takes to work safely with aerosol cans.

Turn your sketch into a real graffiti piece

Yes, finally! Get started with your own piece. Jeroen explains what you need and how you can work safely. He also shows how to use your sketch from the 1st lesson to shape the basis of the creation on the wall. At the end of this video you will have your own street art artwork in hands!

If you are not yet 10 years old, it is necessary that you ask one of your parents to help you during this graffiti lesson.

Requirements during this online tutorial

We have made an overview of the materials you will need during this online tutorial. We work with aerosols from Molotov from Germany, but aerosol cans from, for example, a hardware store, can also be used, especially for a 1st time.

  • Lesson 1: Paper, pencil and an eraser
  • Lesson 2: Your sketch and colored pencils or felt-tip pens
  • Lesson 3: Clothing that can get dirty, a work surface such as a wooden panel or a canvas cloth, gloves, protective / fireworks goggles, mask, spray cans (minimum 3 colors) and if necessary cover material for the ground
  • Lesson 4: Your sketch, clothing that can get dirty, a work surface such as a wooden panel or a canvas cloth, gloves, protective / fireworks goggles, mouth cap, spray cans (at least 5 colors) and if necessary cover material for the ground

Get started with graffiti yourself and keep practicing!

That was it! If you watch all 4 videos from our online graffiti workshop you know the basic techniques used when spraying letters and words. Now the main thing is that you practice a lot to get better. You can do that on a canvas, a wooden plate or a piece of cardboard, as we showed you in the videos.

But it is actually more fun to immediately practice on walls. No, don't do that at your home or on the wall of your school. That is not necessary at all. Because did you know that we have many legal practice walls in the Netherlands and Belgium where you can go all the way? We have this graffiti locations lined up for you.

If there are exercises or actions that are not clear, you want more information about the technique of it graffiti designs or do you have other questions? Feel free to ask Jeroen or one of his colleagues. You can reach us via our social channels or send a WhatsApp message via the number on our contact page.

Good luck making your first own graffiti piece!

Graffiti letter coloring pages

Want to get started with graffiti letters without having to clean up paint splashes afterwards? GraffitiKing makes it possible with unique graffiti coloring pages. The graffiti coloring pages can be downloaded free of charge from the website of

Would you rather follow a graffiti workshop?

Is it not working out the way you want and are you unable to resolve it yourself? Then consider using together with friends or colleagues graffiti workshop can be booked at a location of your choice.