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Open walk-in activities

Are you looking for side entertainment in the form of an open walk-in activity? We offer different forms of side entertainment where we work with your guests in an original way to develop a theme, logo or product into a colorful work of art.

The open walk-in workshops

With 'open walk-in' is meant that anyone who wants to can participate in the activity without obligation. The more participants, the more surprising and colorful the result. Our open walk-in activity can include our graffiti workshop, painting workshop, light-painting workshop and street painting workshop. The participants will receive a shortened version of the normal workshop program during the open walk-in setup. Our creative workshops can be arranged within an event, party, exhibition or as a stand-alone activity.

Create a piece of art together

During our open walk-in workshops, we work with the visitors of your event to work out a predetermined theme in an inspiring way into a unique work of art. The colors and shapes appear automatically when people give their creativity ample space. The outcome of this 'workshop' is a work of art created jointly by the visitors.

We usually apply a sketch to the graffiti, painter and streetpainting workshop beforehand so that a coloring effect is created and we keep control over which direction the end result goes. This also gives participants who may not be so creative the possibility to color in parts of the painting while leaving enough room for participants who want to make their own creation. We guide the whole so that the result is definitely worth a place on your wall.

Of course we provide all materials, a neatly covered area and the protective clothing for the participants. The graffiti workshop with open access can be provided with odorless water-based spray cans so that it can be used at any location.

Live painting and customizing

In addition to open walk-in workshops, we also provide original demonstrations, live painting and customize promotions. Based on an image, theme, logo or product, we will create a unique artwork live during your event. This can for example be a painting on a canvas, customizing an object or taking care of the light-painting photo booth or digital graffiti wall. Our creative demonstrations are innovative and inspiring and entertaining for the public to watch.

Practical information

View the practical information and frequently asked questions about our open walk-in activities.


We can link a theme, slogan, product or core value to the activity.


Our side entertainment is suitable for both small and large events.

Work area

We take care of our activities at a location of your choice in the Benelux or abroad.

Length of time

The duration of the walk-in activity is adjusted to the duration of your party, exhibition or event.

24 / 7 available

Our side entertainment can, at a time of your choice, be scheduled 7 days per week.


The number of artists or accompanists is adjusted to the number of expected visitors.

All inclusive

Of course we provide our entertainment including all necessary materials.

Inside Outside

Most activities can be taken care of both inside and outside, naturally we cover the necessary.

Works of art

During the event people often work together on the end result of the artwork.

Side entertainment films

View a few videos of the creative activities we provide here.

The graffiti workshop as side entertainment.

Inject digital graffiti during a party Amsterdam.

Live painting during a corporate event.

Pixel painting on the Pixelwall

If you are looking for an original give-away or a unique reminder of your event, our Pixelwall is the activity. The working surface of the Pixelwall consists of loose canvases with a size of 20x20cm per canvas. Pixel painting can be used as creative entertainment in which visitors, under our supervision, help themselves to create the artwork. When the Pixelwall is used as a live painting act, our artists provide an inspiring demonstration in which the painting evolves into a unique work of art during the event. Visitors to your event will receive a tangible memory at the end of the evening in the form of a 'Pixel' of the total work of art.

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