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Use promotion teams and field marketing?

At Graffitinetwerk not only can you knock for great murals and workshops, we help companies through guerrilla marketing or field marketing also happy to achieve their commercial goals in the outdoor area.

Thanks to our many years of experience in representing brands in public space, we know better than anyone what works and what doesn't. From promotion teams to spectaculars and from media bikes to wildbeamen, we are happy to work together to make your field marketing campaign a success.

We have a large network of girls, ladies, boys and gentlemen with good communication skills and a ditto appearance. They literally form the face of your field marketing campaign on the street, during instore promotion or during fairs and events.

Based on our broad experience with brands, target groups and the street, we like to think strategically and conceptually about how your field marketing campaign can be made a success.

What is field marketing really?

Field marketing, sometimes direct marketing referred to, revolves around reaching a specific group of consumers in the 'field'. That 'field' can be a shop or shopping street, but also a trade fair or an event that this target group comes to. Your target audience! Read more about how guerrilla marketing as outdoor advertising can be deployed.

De promotion teams that you can use for this, do more than just hand out flyers and hand out give-aways (although we are of course happy to do that for you). The activities we join Graffitinetwerk care simply includes everything related to promotion, activation, sales and presentation.

A unique 'brand experience' on location

For our customers, it is increasingly about creating a unique, professional and high-profile brand experience on location. After identifying the wishes, goals, target group and location (s), we make a plan for setting up an outdoor advertising campaign in consultation, using, for example, sampling, promotional teams, walking beamer, giveaways or other forms of field marketing.

We are also happy to distribute saddle covers or bicycle hangers and a street advertising campaign can always be supplemented with reverse graffiti, street stickers or temporary chalk expressions. You can read exactly what we do on our Promotional teams and spectaculars page.

We are happy to think along about the ideal interpretation of your field marketing campaign for the maximum effect on the intended target group. We also like to use the environment or we think up unique spectaculars that we can add to the environment. Think of mobile billboards, inflatables, media bikes and other tailor-made experiences.

Spectaculars for the 2016 World Athletics Championships in Amsterdam

Spectaculars for the 2016 World Athletics Championships in Amsterdam

Field marketing is indispensable in a good advertising campaign

More and more advertisers are becoming aware that field marketing is indispensable in a advertising campaign to reach the individual consumer. Finally, the media landscape is increasingly diverse; we no longer all watch the same television programs, we no longer listen to the same radio stations and we no longer read the same newspapers.

In fact, many young consumers are increasingly difficult to reach and activate with traditional forms of advertising. But in a store, at an event or at another specific location, you can approach exactly those consumers who are important for your brand or product. They are there because they want to be there and are open to a message that matches their experience.

Shall we use a spectacular or activation?

We make your field marketing campaign extra striking by using a tailor-made spectacular. Beaming, soundvertising, photo booths, guerrilla marketing: none of that brand activation is crazy for us. We are therefore happy to think along how we can create a unique activation for your brand that will create the necessary buzz both online and offline.

Examples of field marketing campaigns

Be inspired by a number of examples of field marketing projects that we have realized for customers. View the extensive portfolio for more examples of what we have done street advertising campaigns.

Graffitinetwerk is more than just an agency that helps you implement your campaign with promotion teams and spectaculars. Based on our broad experience with brands and the street, we like to think strategically and conceptually about the possibilities of street advertising, field marketing and guerrilla marketing campaigns at home and abroad.

How we can help with the activation of your brand?

We are eager to get started for your brand, product or event. Do you want to spar about how we can help your company move forward by means of a field marketing campaign? Let us know your questions, goals and ideas so that we can think along about the possibilities without obligation. Contact us now and get a response today.

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