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Penstrip art

Penstripe art is a relatively new technique in which a photo, portrait, logo, product or image is redrawn by our drawing robot, resulting in a unique and original artwork that consists entirely of lines and patterns. You will be amazed by the creative possibilities that a highlighter offers in the hands of our penstripe art robots!

Line drawings by our drawing robot

The line drawings are possible in multiple drawing styles and color combinations, which always ensures a unique appearance. When working with multiple markers at the same time, the drawing can be made faster and it gets more of a vintage look. When working with a single line, the patterns become more complex and the result often looks more graphic. Of course we can adjust the drawing style and color use to your wishes, a house style or a color scheme.

No penstripe art artwork is the same

Perhaps you already have an idea about an image that you would like to see realized, of course we think along with you to achieve the best result. Generally, photos that are easily recognizable as a thumbnail on your screen give the best results. We will of course send an example of how your print will look in advance. Every line drawing is unique because the drawing robot never maintains exactly the same drawing pattern.

This art form is ideal for making original prints for the wall of your office, living room or children's room. The drawings are usually made on 180 gram wood-free and coated paper that can be framed beautifully. Your unique artwork is delivered by us in a poster tube and is delivered by a courier service.

Practical information

View the practical information and frequently asked questions about our penstripe art.


Each print is made to measure and is unique due to the penstripe-art drawing robot algorithm.


The line drawings are possible in different color combinations, line thicknesses and drawing styles.


The prints are usually made on 180 grams wood-free, frame-proof, coated drawing paper.


The most commonly used size for a print is usually approximately 100 × 100 cm, the paper and outer dimensions vary.


The prints can of course be framed, we can also arrange this for you before we deliver the artwork.


We deliver the artwork as standard in a poster tube and send it via a courier service.

Penstrip-art movies

View a few videos of the pen and line drawings we provide.

Penstrip art by our drawing robot.

Live penstripe art during Hennessy event.

The penstripe art robot at Klaas can do anything.

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