A creative company outing as a team building activity

At Graffitinetwerk we not only specialize in graffiti and street art for companies, we also like to pass on our creative knowledge to employees! This is possible in the form of a creative company outing where team building is central by getting the team to work together. The result is a joint work of art that can get a nice place in the office. Because of the structure of our workshops, which are focused on collaboration, they are extremely suitable as a team building activity. Working together has a positive influence on group dynamics and colleagues get to know each other through the creative assignment in a new way.

Create a piece of art together with graffiti, paint or light

At a workshop Graffitinetwerk you might immediately think about spraying graffiti. That's not a bad idea, because ours graffiti workshop is by far the most popular workshop. In this creative workshop we use spray paint and blank canvas canvases. In the street-art workshop program we also use stencils and a mix of different techniques. But did you know that light also has to do with street art? We will teach your team that during a lightpainting workshop. By combining movements with lights and photography with a slow shutter speed, you 'paint' in the air and the artwork is captured on the sensitive plate. The photo, a spectacular work of art with light, will of course be sent to you.

Can it be a little less 'street'? Then our painting workshop is perhaps the best choice for your team. In this workshop we do not use spray cans and stencils, but paint and brushes. Finally, a street painting workshop is also possible. Hereby a joint 2D or even 3D artwork is made on the sidewalk or the street. A workshop is in all cases Graffitinetwerk very suitable as a creative company outing or team building workshop!

Photos of our teambuidling workshops

We have already organized more than a thousand workshops, see a selection from our portfolio here.

Digital graffiti wall Zurich

Digital graffiti wall Zurich

Digital graffiti wall

Graffiti workshop Nike Laakdal

Graffiti workshop Nike Laakdal

Team building workshop

Atelier de graffiti Namur

Team building workshop

Teambuilding outing FedEx

Graffiti workshop

Open walk-in workshop ASVZ

Graffiti workshop

Air-graffiti wall Flanders Expo


How does that work, such a team building workshop?

We first gather together at one of the locations of Graffitinetwerk or at your location, this is possible throughout the Benelux. Our professional supervisors will welcome you, describe the course of the workshop and explain the basic techniques. Together we come up with a creative idea, for example a topic or theme, but a pre-conceived image or something in the style of your company is also possible. And then we get started! After a series of individual and challenging exercises that increase in difficulty, we work together or in subgroups on a joint work of art. After this creative workshop we evaluate the creations made, whereby each group can tell the rest what the thoughts behind the created artwork are. Our teachers also share their vision. All artworks may be taken after a nice group photo.

Why a team bagling workshop? Graffitinetwerk?

  • Get started creatively with your team location in the Benelux or at your own company
  • The workshops can take place both indoors and outdoors
  • A strong team building program, possibly based on a theme
  • Professional guidance from real street art artists
  • Including high-quality materials that meet the most recent environmental requirements
  • The end result is a joint work of art that can be hung up immediately
  • A special and original experience that is completely up-to-date
  • Suitable for both large and small groups

Also possible: virtual graffiti at your company party

Will your company soon have a staff party and are you still looking for a fun connecting activity? Even then we have with Graffitinetwerk a suitable offer. If you don't feel like working with real spray paint then you can choose our digital graffiti wall. We call that Digiffiti. Digital graffiti can be sprayed on this wall, with a spray can in hand and the characteristic sound, but without a spray of paint. Or, one step further: what do you think of a real Virtual Reality graffiti experience? For example, you can virtually spray on the walls in a city or a train set in a metro tunnel, without physically leaving the party and without lasting effect.

What does a team building workshop cost?

The price of our team building workshops mainly depends on the number of participants. In addition, the location also partly influences the price due to possible transport costs. Due to the large variation in prices, we recommend that you make a no-obligation commitment request a quote. Based on the number of participants and the desired location, we are happy to calculate a price for you without obligation.

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