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Beautiful examples of graffiti in the house

Graffiti in the house is extremely versatile and fits into any interior. It creates depth, color, originality, gives an urban look and can even visually disappear a wall. In addition, as a client you have complete freedom about the subject and great control over the end result.

We provide beautiful, high-quality and qualitative murals for making your interior attractive and complete. Graffiti can of course also be used to finish a garden or garage, for example.

We can create our murals to any desired theme and format. From a small drawing to completely filled walls. In this blog message we show you some examples of how graffiti at home can look like.

Graffiti at home; in the living room, bedroom, baby or children's room

The nice thing about it graffiti in house is that you can create every possible scene with it in any desired style. Where with wallpaper you are very limited to the available designs, everything is possible with a custom mural.

For example, in the nursery you can choose a painting based on the birth card or a nice Disney figure. In a teen room In a wall painting, the name is often central with images of interests, idols or hobbies such as football and gaming.

One of the characteristics of street-art is the exuberant play of colors. This can work out well, especially in a bedroom. The bed linen matches the vibrant colors on the back wall very well. Sleep tight! Or read a bit more about our first paintings in and around the house.

An optical illusion or a trompe-l'oeil wall painting?

When a wall is 'in the way' but cannot simply be demolished, one forms optical illusion or trompe-l'oeil an original solution. For example, a view can be created; an illusion that makes it seem as if the garden or environment continues and the wall is, as it were, invisible.

Colorful graffiti art paintings in the living room

With graffiti in the house Make the impossible possible: Bring nature into your home if you live downtown or have the New York skyline painted on the wall in your farmhouse. Graffiti at home is not only suitable for modern and industrial interiors.

The examples on this page already show that. And take a look at the eye-catching decorations below; you would almost think it is ready-made wallpaper. View more examples of our graffiti children's rooms and find inspiration for graffiti in and around the house.

A mural on a garage, shed or garden wall?

A nice house has a garden where you enjoy spending time. If your garden is adjacent to an ugly wall, shed or fence, you can do it with one wall painting change quickly. Of course we not only make graffiti at home, but also on garden walls and fences, for example.

In the example below of an assignment in Belgium, the neighbor's house served as a canvas. The result of a long day of work? A beautiful mountain landscape with a splashing waterfall.

A beautiful mountain landscape with a splashing waterfall.

A beautiful mountain landscape with a splashing waterfall.

Artistic and unique ceiling paintings

Why would you keep a painting for yourself? The project developer of several senior housing in Hasselt, Belgium, must have thought that. Graffitinetwerk was asked by artist Nick Ervinck to install a. in the common room of a former church ceiling painting to make. View more examples of our murals in our online portfolio.

Street-art murals as eye-catchers in the hospitality industry

Are you looking for a unique eye-catcher in your restaurant, club, hotel or catering facility? Our street art murals are all unique eye-catchers that, in addition to adding atmosphere to your business, both 'on site' and online, will ensure positive reactions, exposure and recognition. Read more about the possibilities of our street art murals and how these can be applied in the hospitality industry.

Would you like to commission graffiti?

Curious about the possibilities of having a unique work of art made in your home? The prices of our graffiti paintings are always customized. A price is calculated based on the location, size and complexity of the artwork to be made.

Due to the wide variation in prices, we recommend that you request a price calculation via our contact page. Contact us now and receive information, advice or a price calculation today. Of course you can also contact us for questions and advice without obligation.

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