Wallprints and photo wallpaper

Give your interior, shop, restaurant, office, living room or bedroom a unique look with our full color wall prints, the only limit is the size of the wall.

Wall prints, sometimes also wall prints or wall stickers mentioned, offer the possibility to give your space its own signature. The wallprint is a unique product where we print your photo, image, text or logo on a very large format on high-quality textured vinyl. With our wallprints the possibilities are endless! Unlike photo wallpaper, we do not work with wallpaper strips, the wallprint consists of one whole which ensures a seamless and super sleek result.

Full color photo wall

Spaces take on a different dimension, the workplace of your employees brightens up or you create a place where people can dream away. You no longer have to take into account the boundaries of normal wallpaper. Our wall prints and photo walls are the best full color mood determiners. By wrapping a wall, the entire atmosphere in your room changes at once. Because every wall or wall is different, every wall print is made to measure.

We work with high-quality, one-piece vinyl that can be seamlessly glued to any type of wall. The size of one piece of structural vinyl is 490 centimeters high and no less than 20 meters wide. The material used is durable, scratch-resistant and has a fire-retardant effect. Wallprints can really take a beating and can be used almost anywhere.

Biopetrol wall painting

Biopetrol wall painting


Streetpainting Alpha College

Streetpainting Alpha College

Street drawing

Graffiti name as balloons

Graffiti name as balloons

Mural children's room

Optical illusion Carnisse Veste

Optical illusion Carnisse Veste

3d street painting

Street art Amsterdam We Trust

Street art Amsterdam We Trust

Graffiti texts

3d street painting Leidsenhage

3d street painting Leidsenhage

3d ground painting on sticker

Street art painting in the house

Street art painting in the house

Wall painting

Crocs Customizing Berlin

Crocs Customizing Berlin

Customize product

Photo wallpaper

Photo wallpaper is the ideal solution if you are looking for a way to brighten up your room easily and inexpensively. Are you looking for relaxing wallpaper for the bedroom or a warm atmosphere in the living room? We can print any image on wallpaper, for example impressions of cities, buildings, landscapes, animals, flowers, cartoon figures, sports heroes or a portrait of your loved one.

Of course we also provide wallpaper with a graffiti print, for which we have an extensive photo archive. We can also make a customized graffiti design that makes it unique graffiti wallpaper to create. The possibilities and variations are endless and the costs are certainly manageable. Of course you can make a design yourself, but we are also happy to help you with the development of your ideas. Together with our professional designers we turn it into a beautiful and original work of art.

Window and wall stickers

In addition to handmade murals, we also design unique ones wall stickers for at home or at the office. You determine the image, shape, colors, style and size yourself. Depending on the use, we determine the type of sticker in consultation. You can choose from a self-adhesive wall sticker, a reusable wall sticker and transparent stickers for on glass. Our stickers are printed in full color and, if desired, cut into contours. We will send the wall sticker to you, after which you can place it in the blink of an eye in the blink of an eye and enjoy it for years. Are you looking for something original? Then certainly look at our printed floor rugs.

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Frequently asked questions and practical information

When you choose our services you are assured that everything is taken care of to perfection.

Full color

Wall covers, wall prints and photo wallpaper are printed in full color as standard.


Any image is possible if the resolution is high enough.


Wallprints are seamlessly connected to each other as standard.


A white and also smooth surface gives the best results.

Inside Outside

Photo wallpaper and wall prints are not suitable for use in the outdoor area.


Wallprints are durable, scratch-resistant and fire-resistant.


The wallprint can be placed in one piece to a size of 4.9 × 20 meter.


Because of the quality to be guaranteed, we always apply wallprints ourselves.

Work area

We take care of our wallprints at any location of your choice in the Benelux or beyond.