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What does a professional graffiti company do?

Graffiti is certainly creative and innovative, but what does one do? graffiti company exactly? In the Benelux Graffitinetwerk actually unique in its kind. We have been operating as a fully-fledged company since 1990, with a professional team of artists, performers and all-rounders.

With our wealth of experience, we have developed a wide range of services over the years. What we do now goes much further than just it Spraying graffiti. In this blog we would like to tell you more about this.

With our team of professional street art and graffiti artists, we are happy to think along with you about the creative possibilities of your brand, location, project or marketing campaign.

Stand out with graffiti: how does that work exactly?

Our target group consists for the most part of business customers, government institutions and municipalities. Of course we also work for private individuals. We mainly work in the Netherlands and Belgium and we regularly carry out projects in other parts of the world.

From original and high-profile street advertising campaigns, live painting, murals and 3D street painting to creative team building activities for multinationals: Graffitinetwerk offers it all.

But what can you actually do with it? Below we explain some of our services. For inspiration, also view our extensive graffiti portfolio with more than 1000 projects and cases.

Murals: inside, outside and on the ground

With a mural you probably immediately think of an impressive painting in an interior. This is certainly possible, but if graffiti company we regularly receive requests from municipalities to paint tunnels, facades or large buildings.

As an anti-graffiti project graffiti nuisance to counteract the unwanted 'tags', or as temporary advertising around an event or advertising campaign.

In addition, we provide murals in shops, on electricity houses, but also at your home to give the children's room or garden a unique look.

We also bring 3D paintings on the floor, with the appearance of a gaping hole under your feet. Optical illusion that is sure to attract attention when you roll out a fun campaign!

With the same idea, it is also possible to enrich a wall with moss letters, wall stickers or a drawing made by our drawing robot. View all types paintings and wall decorations that we offer as a graffiti company.

Street advertising: daring, unforgettable advertising campaigns

Wildbeaming where we project images or videos on buildings from a mobile work bus, 'apply' advertising messages with water or provide the ground with a temporary chalk paint creation: as street art company we help you stand out through various forms of guerilla marketing and outdoor advertising.

Because this is usually a gray area that still offers many opportunities to companies that want to stand out in the street scene, it is important that you hire an experienced party for this.

We know about the hat and brim so we can help you have an unforgettable one guerrilla marketing campaign. High-profile street advertising campaigns can work well, especially in large cities, because there are often only limited opportunities to reach a specific target group.

You will be innovative and daring with an original guerrilla marketing campaign of Graffitinetwerk then your message arrives.

Workshops: team building and creative company outings

From innovative graffiti, street art and light painting to more traditional painting workshops, as a graffiti company we offer a variety of creative team building workshops .

Ideal for a department, team or company outing, but also for brainstorming days on which your team can creatively visualize and develop new ideas, slogans or a vision of the future with the help of our experienced workshop teachers.

You don't have to worry about paint splatters: bee Graffitinetwerk it is also possible to use infrared light on one digital graffiti wall to draw, after which the creations can be emailed or printed immediately.

What else is possible with graffiti?

Part of our 'standard' offer is explained above and can be seen in our portfolio. Often our graffiti and street art artists also approached by customers who want to develop an abstract idea with us.

We then translate this together into original, daring and unique concepts that the public has never seen or experienced before. Do you want to deviate from the beaten track and work out a creative idea with us out of the box?

As a street art and graffiti company with a team of professional graffiti artists We are of course happy to think along with you – outside the box! Learn more about why you should hire a professional graffiti agency hires.

Want to know more about our graffiti company?

Curious how our graffiti artists can you be of service with our creative services package? Or do you have another idea for a project, let us know. You can also contact us without obligation for questions or advice.

Due to the wide variation in prices, we recommend that you request a price calculation via our contact page. Contact us now and receive information, advice or a price calculation without obligation today.

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