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Workshops for individuals

Do you want to follow our graffiti workshop alone or with a friend or partner, or have you received a voucher? Sign up now for one of the open workshop days and learn the art of spraying graffiti!

Learn how to make graffiti under supervision

The workshops that we provide are normally aimed at groups from 10 people. Because we also want individuals, alone or with a friend, to have the opportunity to both attend our workshops, we have scheduled workshops for individuals in the Netherlands and Belgium on set dates.

At these workshops we have adapted the normal workshop program to an individual learning program in which we create our own graffiti artwork as the end result. Naturally, all aspects and techniques of graffiti spraying are extensively covered during this program, so that after the workshop you know exactly how to make a nice color gradient, how to build an 3d and what an outline or highlight is.

The workshop program

After the welcome and welcome speech, the graffiti workshop for individuals starts with a clear explanation about the safety and use of the materials. When all participants wear the protective clothing, we start with the practical exercises. The first part of the program will take place on existing graffiti walls and is made up of a series of challenging exercises that increase in difficulty.

After the basic techniques are practiced, an artwork is created individually on blank canvas paintings with a size of 50x50cm. You can immediately place a spot on the wall at home after the workshop on the graffiti art works that have been created.

Costs, dates and registration

The costs for the open workshops are 50,00 Euro per person including VAT. View the data and book your place directly through it registration form.

Graffiti workshop films

View a few short films of graffiti workshops organized by us here.

Graffiti workshops for individuals Amsterdam.

Graffiti workshop for Farmer seeks wife (2009).

The open walk-in workshop as side entertainment.

Practical information

View the practical information and frequently asked questions about our workshops for individuals.

Workshop data

The open workshops are held on predetermined dates, other dates are not possible.


Registration for the workshops is only possible via the registration form, not by telephone or by email.


We provide our open workshop days at different locations in the Benelux.

Length of time

The workshop program on the open days lasts around 2 to 2,5 hours.

Protective clothing

We provide all materials and protective clothing.


Supervision by an average of one teacher per 15 and 20 participants.

Minimum age

In connection with the safety to be guaranteed, we use a minimum age of 10 years.


The minimum number of participants is 10, with fewer registrations the workshop will be canceled / moved.

Works of art

You can take the created artworks directly after the workshop and hang it on the wall at home.

The workshop voucher

Participation in our open workshop days can also be donated via our own voucher. Give this creative experience as a gift to family, friends and colleagues as an end-of-year gift, birthday present or just as a sign of appreciation. The voucher is valid for one year after issue and can be redeemed during the open workshop days. The costs per voucher / person are 50,00 Euro including VAT. The voucher can be ordered via the link below.

Order the Workshop voucher

Register for the open workshops

You can only register for our open workshops using the form below.

WORKSHOPS - Workshops for individuals

The open workshops are always from 11.00 to 13.00.

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Note: The open workshop days are intended for individuals who want to follow our workshops alone or with a small group. With your group size you can choose a date and location when booking our Graffiti workshops for groups.

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