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About Graffitinetwerk

From a hobby that got out of hand and the passion for graffiti is around 1990 Graffitinetwerk set up. Where at the time we occasionally made commissioned murals with a small club, we now work full-time with a team of approximately 30 people from home and abroad on graffiti, street art and guerrilla marketing related projects. We carry out projects for customers, brands, municipalities and permanent partners throughout Europe as well as in the rest of the world.

Graffitinetwerk is seen as the first commercial graffiti and street art company in Europe and as a pioneer and market leader in the Benelux. We have been setting the trend since 1990, both within and outside the Benelux, and we guarantee originality, quality and innovation. Graffitinetwerk has since been rebranded as a private limited company and falls, together with our other brands Digiffiti, Artvertising, GraffitiKing en Nachtwerk, below the Graffitinetwerk Holding.

A team of graffiti professionals

With a professional team of (international) graffiti artists, artists and all-round creatives, we provide everything imaginable in graffiti, street art and guerrilla marketing. The specialists of Graffitinetwerk work as a team and not as individual artists. We are therefore not a 'graffiti employment agency' but a graffiti company with a team of full-time professionals. Our graffiti painters and street art artists master all conceivable disciplines and are 'all-round', which means that we can (re)create everything. The perfect team is therefore put together for each project based on your wishes.

The first graffiti workshop as a company outing

Because we believe that graffiti is a good medium for creative collaboration, we developed the graffiti workshop at the end of 2004. In 2005 we had the scoop to Rabobank to provide the graffiti workshop as a company outing. At the time, this was unprecedented and very likely this was the first graffiti workshop as a company outing ever. Our workshop has now been further developed into a high-quality team building program and we provide these and other creative workshops on a daily basis as a company outing, team building workshop, incentive, meeting break or group outing.

From 'street graffiti' to art, advertising and marketing

Our paintings have long ceased to consist of only graffiti-related work. We take care of everything imaginable in the visual field, which means that we have many interfaces with illustrators, the advertising industry and traditional sign painting. Since 2007 we also offer a range of services within the guerrilla marketing sector. Think of unusual outdoor advertising campaigns such as reverse graffiti, temporary chalk expressions, wild beaming, PR stunts, spectaculars and more.

Year Compilations

View the most recent annual compilations to get an impression of the projects we have carried out.

Annual overview 2022.

Annual overview 2019.

Annual overview 2018.

Annual overview 2017.

Careers Graffitinetwerk?

We are always looking for new and inspiring talent to strengthen our team. On a project basis, so temporarily, or on the basis of a permanent appointment. Are you creative, independent, responsible, flexible, enterprising, critical and customer-oriented and are you looking for a challenging and creative job at a unique and dynamic company? Mail us your motivation and maybe we can do something for each other.

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Overkoepelend Graffiti Orgaan Benelux

Graffitinetwerk is affiliated with it Overkoepelend Graffiti Orgaan Benelux, the central trade association for graffiti artists in the Benelux. It Overkoepelend Graffiti Orgaan Benelux is the independent point of contact for any complaints or disputes, monitors the quality standard of its members and stimulates innovation and developments within the sector.

Do you choose one at the OGOB affiliated company or artist, you choose experience, quality and professionalism. Read more about it Overkoepelend Graffiti Orgaan Benelux on:

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