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Creative live art


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Work area

All of Europe


Interactive animations

Demonstrations and live art

We provide spectacular demonstrations, live art and customizing sessions during events, product presentations, activations and parties. A creative demonstration or live painting session is original and inspiring for the visitors of your event or party to watch. The artwork grows during the event, after which a unique end result is created. We can create an artwork live based on a theme, logo, corporate identity, product, service or with input from the visitors. A creative demonstration or live art session will be at your disposal event add something unforgettable!

Live art art as a giveaway

The artworks can be made on your product or object, an existing wall or on a work surface provided by us. For example, we can stretch large canvas canvases or install wooden walls. We can also work on temporarily stretched cellophane or on our box wall, digital graffiti wall or pixel painting wall. When we work on a physical product or on canvases, the results can immediately be an original business gift or nice giveaway for your employees or customers after the event!

Customizing and live art sessions

In addition to colorful demonstrations and live art paintings, we also provide specially customized customizing actions. This includes customizing products or objects on location such as cars, bicycles, shoes, shirts and caps. An in-store customize promotion can be used, for example, during the promotion of a new product or during a targeted marketing campaign in which we deliver your product on location for your customers. adjust and personalize.

Cello graffiti demonstrations

Cello graffiti is still fairly 'underground' and is mainly used for live art in Paris, Berlin and London demonstraties and guerrilla marketing campaigns. The concept is not new, but it is ingenious and simple: large pieces of cellophane are attached between two objects, usually trees or (lantern) poles. This creates a temporary work surface on which an artwork or advertisement can be made. Street art on cellophane is versatile and can be used almost anywhere. Working on cellophane is temporary, when necessary the artwork can be removed within seconds.

Practical Information

View the practical information and frequently asked questions about our demonstrations and live art.


The concept for a demonstration is made in consultation and fully tailored to your wishes.

Length of time

The duration of the demonstration or live painting session is tailored to the duration of the event.

Work area

We provide demonstrations and live art at any location in the Benelux or beyond.


A theme, slogan, slogan or core value can be linked to the customizing or live art session.

Inside Outside

Most of our demonstrations and live art sessions can take place both indoors and outdoors.


In connection with our quality standard and color guarantee, we always work with our own materials.

Production time

The preparation time for a demonstration is on average 5 working days, rush is possible.

available 24/7

Live art or a demonstration can be scheduled 7 days per week at a time of your choice.

All inclusive

Of course we take care of all materials and we take photos of the process and end result.

Demonstrations and live art videos

View some videos of demonstrations and live art that we provided here.

A graffiti demonstration on our box wall.

Live painting during the presentation of a Nissan.

A street art demonstration during a company party.

Live painting on our pixel wall

If you are looking for an original give-away or a unique reminder of your event then one is pixel painting on our Pixelwall the activity. The work surface of the Pixelwall consists of loose canvases with a size of 20x20cm per canvas. When the Pixelwall is used as a live painting act, our artists provide an inspiring demonstration in which the painting grows into a unique work of art during the event. Visitors to your event will receive a tangible memory at the end of the evening in the form of a 'Pixel' of the total work of art.

View all our paintings

We provide a wide range of paintings, decorations and live art, view our complete range.