Our paintings

Unique murals, 3D foundations and creative live art.

Advertising Paintings

Advertising and murals

Artworks made based on your wishes, corporate identity or products.

graffiti name

Graffiti in and around the house

Specially designed for you, wall and wall paintings in and around the house.

graffiti projects

Anti-graffiti projects

Art projects in the outdoor area as a permanent anti-graffiti solution.

Street painting

Street painting

Interactive ground paintings as a means of advertising or communication.

Light painting demonstrations

Creative demonstrations

Spectacular demonstrations and live art during events, activations and parties.

pentripe art

Penstrip art

Unique pen and line drawings, made live by our interactive drawing robots.

moss letters

Moss texts and walls

Moss texts; an environmentally aware and literally green way of advertising!

Cello graffiti art

Cellophane graffiti

The urban trend: street art on cellophane. Innovative and widely applicable.

photo-realistic paintings

Paintings and portraits

Original and customized street art paintings for the home or office.

photo wallpaper

Wallprints and photo wallpaper

Give your store, restaurant or office a unique look with our wall prints.

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