Our workshops

Creative workshops as a company outing, team building activity or incentive.

Graffiti workshops

Graffiti workshops

The creative workshop: original, challenging and completely up-to-date.

Street art workshops

Modern and strong imaginative creations.

Light painting workshops

Light painting workshops

Together create a spectacular work of art with light.

Painting workshops

A colorful and inspiring experience for young and old.

Streetpainting workshops

An introduction to the world of street painters.

graffiti experience

The Graffiti Experience

An exclusive look at the closed graffiti and street art culture.

graffiti wall

Digiffiti: digital graffiti

An original and creative addition to your event, party or trade show.

open walk-in workshops

Open walk-in workshops

Entertainment in the form of creative workshops on an open walk-in basis.

private workshops

Workshops for individuals

Participate in our workshops, alone or with friends.

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