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A visual spectacle


Beamvertising makes it possible to project static or moving images onto one or more buildings in the evenings. The projections are a very striking alternative to traditional billboards, banners and other outdoor displays. Projecting is possible on buildings or objects in city centers, along motorways, at / near stations, terraces, places of entertainment, shopping centers or during events. We provide a striking image and surprise passing or driving visitors in a pleasant way. Our promotion team can also distribute information directly to curious passers-by.

Stationary or mobile projecting?

In addition to stationary projection units, we also provide mobile projections that enable us to project onto different objects and buildings on a mobile basis. The advantage of wildbeamen is that it is possible to project across a city, area or region. This visual spectacle has a major impact and ensures a lot of attention and exposure.


Wildbeaming and beamvertising requires custom-made images or videos. The display conditions are often not optimal due to changing light, distance and surface. It is therefore important to make the right combination between the media to be shown, the locations and the target group. The wildbeam projections are best seen when it is dark, these actions are therefore performed in the evenings. It is not possible to project in a vacuum, there must always be a surface available. Wildbeaming and beamvertising are very striking forms of guerrilla advertising; let your brand, slogan or video project and reach your target audience with a visual spectacle!

Employability: With a wildbeam or beamvertising campaign it is possible to temporarily project images at one or more locations in the outdoor space.

Practical information

View the practical information and frequently asked questions about our beamverting campaigns.


These actions can be carried out throughout the year, whatever the weather.

Work area

We provide wildbeam campaigns at any location you choose in the Benelux or beyond.

24 / 7 available

Wildbeaming can be scheduled 7 days a week, but it must be dark during the output.


Wildbeaming and beamvertising does not work in a vacuum or on a glass surface.


The maximum format is approximately 1000m2, but this depends on the possible distance to the object.

Full color

We project standard full color HD images, both still and moving.

All inclusive

Of course we take care of all materials and take photos during the project.

Production time

The preparation time of a wildbeam campaign is on average 5 working days, rush is possible.


Beamvertising falls under the so-called 'guerrilla marketing', we do not apply for a permit.

Wildbeam videos

View here some videos of our wildbeam campaigns.

A walking-beamer campaign for bunq.

Beamvertising around activation Harm Alarm.

National game beaming for Opel.

Walking beamer advertising

Do you want to attract the attention of passers-by during a shopping evening, product presentation or event? With our handy walking beamers we walk through crowded places to make your advertising appear directly at the feet of your target group. The walking projector is, as the name suggests, a person who projects an advertisement in the outdoor space with a mobile projector. We can perform this promotional stunt at any desired high-traffic location (in the evenings). A walking-beamer set lasts a maximum of 6 hours and you decide how many sets we go with. With our mobile projector we project your image, logo, product or text, it is also possible to project videos. No license can be applied for for this original promotion, which is covered by 'guerilla marketing'.

3D and video mapping

Video mapping is a technique whereby objects or buildings can be fully animated by means of a projection. When mapping, the visual is specially tailored to the shape and appearance of the object or building that will be projected on. As a result, it often looks like the object comes to life during projection. Mapping is a visual spectacle that the public often describes as breathtaking and very impressive. Of course, mapping can also be applied indoors, for example during events and parties. In addition to the right knowledge and equipment video mapping, sometimes also called 3d mapping, to provide the necessary creativity and technical specialty. We are able to create a breathtaking combination of reality and illusion based on your ideas, bringing fantasy to life! Mapping only works at night or when it is dark and for the use of mapping in the public space a permit is required.

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