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Striking street advertising


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Work area

Entire Benelux


Temporary outdoor advertising

Temporary chalk expressions

Bring with our temporary chalk expressions your (advertising) message to the attention of your target group in a striking and effective way. The guerrilla and street advertising campaigns with chalk are very striking and, in contrast to the reverse graffiti expressions, can be placed anywhere. This form of outdoor advertising is often used as a temporary route indication or as a promotion of a product, shop, exhibition or event.

Chalk expressions as temporary street advertisements

We determine the number in consultation with you chalk advertising communications and the desired locations, areas and cities so that the communications can be placed strategically and the best exposure is achieved. It is often decided to place advertisements around busy shopping streets, stations, bus and tram stops, ATMs, crossings or specifically selected locations. We can convert any visual to one templateHowever, it is advisable to keep the chalk text orderly, clear and compact so that the message is clear to the passer-by at a glance.

The possibilities of temporary chalk

Temporary chalk expressions can be applied in a number of primary colors, namely: white, black, yellow, orange, red, light and dark blue, pink, purple and green. Because the colors cannot be superimposed, when applying the temporary chalk graffiti in principle only one color is used per placement. Depending on your wishes, we choose the type of chalk that best approximates the desired lifespan. The choice consists of the indicative lifespan of; days / weeks, months or years (semi permanent).

It is also possible that we remove the utterances after an agreed period or date. The exact life of the temporary street advertising it is difficult to predict in advance because it depends on the surface, the weather, the type of place and the load on the advertisement. Of course our chalk expressions are not harmful to the environment.

With our chalk expressions it is possible to temporarily stand out in locations in the outdoor area where traditional media are often not usable.

Practical information

View the practical information and frequently asked questions about our temporary chalk advertising campaigns.


These actions can be carried out if the surface is not damp, frozen or snowy.

Work area

We provide chalk advertising campaigns at any location you choose in the Benelux or beyond.

available 24/7

A temporary chalk promotion can be scheduled 7 days a week, the export usually takes place at night.

Visibility duration

The lifespan depends on the location and the chosen product, the options are: days / weeks, months or years.


We usually use a template size of ± 1,25m2 for a temporary chalk advertising campaign.


The chalk and milk paint expressions can be executed in a number of primary colors.


Our chalk works on almost all surfaces, but cannot simply be used on walls.

Production time

The preparation time for a chalk advertising campaign is on average 7 working days, rush is possible.


Chalk advertising falls under the so-called 'guerrilla marketing', we do not apply for a license.

Temporary chalk expressions videos

View here some videos of chalk campaigns we provide.

Temporary chalk expressions as advertising in Belgium.

Reverse graffiti as guerrilla marketing.

Temporary sand advertising.

Behavioral influencing and nudging

Nudging (or nudging) is a technique in which behavior is subtly influenced and certain choices or actions are stimulated. This technique can be seen as giving a 'push' in the desired direction. A well-known example of this nudging is the image of a fake fly in urinals so that men no longer pee next to the pot. This form of influencing behavior can also be applied when using street advertising campaigns. For example, by means of chalk statements that show (temporary) routes, indicate where you can or cannot park your bike or draw attention to (un) desired behavior regarding waste separation and the addition of waste around waste containers.

Reverse graffiti or chalk expressions?

A campaign with relatively much chalk advertising expressions in a small area can sometimes cause complaints from competitors and fellow entrepreneurs, local residents or the municipality. Depending on the number of desired placements and your specific wishes regarding the positioning of the messages, we can in most cases make an estimate of the sensitivity to complaints in advance. When you are betting chalk graffiti campaign finds too great a risk, reverse graffiti may be a better alternative for you. With the reverse graffiti technique we spray hot water with high pressure through a mold. The contrast that this creates on the background makes your advertising visible. The disadvantage of reverse graffiti is that this technique can only be used on a limited number of surfaces.

Regulations concerning guerrilla marketing

In terms of legislation and regulations, temporary chalk expressions fall into a gray area. It is therefore generally not possible to opt for this form of guerrilla marketing to apply for a permit. A subtle and thoughtful approach to implementation is necessary to prevent possible complaints. We are of course specialized in this and can make a good estimate of the (im) possibilities in advance. When the action is used for (or in consultation with) a city, municipality or province, or around a common or public goal, it is sometimes possible to request permission or a permit.

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