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Wall and advertising paintings

Since 1990 we have been the first graffiti company in the Benelux to provide wall paintings on the inside and outside walls of company locations. A sprayed exterior wall, side wall, parking garage, building fence or roller shutter not only looks neat and modern, but is at the same time an original and striking billboard. More and more companies are discovering the possibilities and advantages of our wall decorations. It is therefore completely up to date to have a logo, slogan, service or product worked out on a company wall as a real eye-catcher by means of a customized advertising painting.

Advertising murals

Our murals are often used as atmospheric and wall decoration in clothing stores, business and office spaces, restaurants, swimming pools, (sports) schools, parking garages and presentation rooms. In addition, our anti-graffiti paintings are used as a solution for graffiti nuisance in the outdoor area such as in tunnels and alleys. The realization of your project is in good hands with us and is taken care of to perfection where quality and an excellent end result are paramount.

The professional graffiti company

As a professional graffiti company we work with a permanent network of experienced and expert graffiti and street-art artists from the Netherlands and Belgium. We also have good connections with graffiti artists from the rest of the world. Our team consists of versatile and skilled artists who guarantee a wide variation in style. Whether it is a photo-realistic painting, the copying of a logo or an advertising painting on a meter-high outside wall. For each type of painting we have the specialist that fits your project.

The design of an advertising painting

The design for an advertising painting is tailor-made and fully tailored to your wishes, whereby we are of course always open to original and challenging ideas. In many cases, a wall painting contains recognizable colors, shapes and images based on your house style, logo, service or product. Our customized advertising murals are all original art projects.

Practical information

View the practical information and frequently asked questions about our advertising and murals.


The concept for the painting is made in consultation and fully tailored to your wishes.


For us there is no limit to the size of the desired wall or wall painting.

Work area

We take care of our paintings at any location you choose in the Benelux or beyond.


We can (re) create everything and master every conceivable style, including abstract, figurative and photo-realistic.


In connection with our quality standard and color guarantee, we always work with our own materials.

Production time

The preparation time for an advertising painting is on average 10 working days, rush is possible.

24 / 7 available

A wall painting can, at a time of your choice, be scheduled 7 days per week.


We always finish projects in the outdoor area with a high-quality transparent PU lacquer.

All inclusive

Of course we take care of all materials and where necessary cover everything nicely.

Advertising and wall painting clips

View a few videos of the wall and advertising paintings we provide here.

Ceiling painting Bolbemit in Clarenhof Hasselt, Belgium.

Graphic wall painting at AWZI in Zwanenburg.

The Johan Cruijff Scale as wall decoration at the KNVB.

Blacklight paintings

As soon as the normal lighting goes out and the UV lighting comes on, a blacklight painting comes to life. Ultraviolet light (abbreviated UV, also known as ultraviolet radiation, black light or UV light) gives the fluorescent colors a magical glow and creates a mural whose colors seem to give light. The effect of a blacklight painting is therefore only visible in a dark room where only the UV lamps are on. Wall decoration by means of a blacklight painting is often used at glow-golf and laser-game centers and glow in the dark bowling evenings. With a blacklight wall painting, sometimes also called neon or fluor paintings, the design is of course made to measure and fully tailored to your wishes and the space / location.

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