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We are specialized in all imaginable forms of graffiti, street art and guerrilla marketing. Since 1990 it has been Graffitinetwerk guarantees originality, innovation and quality.

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About Graffitinetwerk

From a hobby that got out of hand and the passion for graffiti is around 1990 Graffitinetwerk set up. Where at the time we occasionally made commissioned murals with a small club, we now work full-time with a team of approximately 30 people from home and abroad on graffiti, street art and guerrilla marketing related projects. We carry out projects throughout Europe for customers, brands, municipalities and permanent partners. Graffitinetwerk is seen as the first commercial graffiti company and market leader in the Benelux.

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A green appearance with a moss logo

A green appearance with a moss logo

Create an environmentally conscious and green appearance with a moss logo, moss text or moss painting. Anyone who does not yet know the power of moss is missing out. You can see the green material…
Street Art tours - the pros and cons
Graffiti & Street art

Street Art tours – the pros and cons

The pros and cons of the Street Art tour Fascinating and authentic, alternative and local, extravagant and challenging – just a few of the recommendations Street Art tours through different…
Have a mural made?

Have a mural made?

Commissioned to have a mural made? If you want to have a mural made, there are a number of things you can think about. Like the location; inside or outside,…
Is it grafity, grafitti or graffiti?

The Italian word graffiti means 'scratched drawings' and is the plural form of the word graffito. This word is related to graffio (scratch) and the verb graffiare (scratches). Graffiare is related via Latin to the Greek verb γράφειν (graphein, to incise, to write, to engrave).

In the Benelux, graffiti is pronounced correctly as 'crow-fie-tion'. Although the phenomenon has spread from America, where the word is spoken with the emphasis on the second syllable, in the Netherlands it is often (incorrectly) pronounced as 'gref-fi-ti', which then sounds like gravity.

History in a nutshell

The phenomenon of leaving your name has existed for centuries. This phenomenon, that now Graffiti is mentioned all over the world. Around 1970, the form of grafitti as we know it today arose in America. Graffiti has many appearances, including the often colorfully worked out words (pieces), sprayed side walls on commission (murals) and the messy texts on walls or objects (tags).

Graffiti on commission is generally seen as an art form, while the 'tags' mainly cause nuisance. Street art originated from graffiti art and was originally a designation for creations made with templates.

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