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Graffitinetwerk is the professional graffiti, street art and guerrilla marketing company in the Benelux. We have been guaranteeing originality, innovation and quality since 1990. View recently performed projects, read more about us bedrijf or take directly contact on.

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Our service package is divided into 3 categories: workshops, paintings and street advertising.


The aim of our professional workshop teachers is to make your team building activity, company outing, bachelor party, meeting break, event or incentive an unforgettable creative experience. At one of our locations in the Benelux or at your own location, we provide unique activities in which creativity, cooperation and fun are paramount.

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Graffiti, we once started as a hobby, now our graffiti artists take care of daily assignments for the government, companies, municipalities and individuals. Sometimes still in the characteristic street-art style, but usually as a commercial mural on interior or exterior walls, where it is often no longer possible to see that it was made with an aerosol.

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For a wide range of clients, including the world's leading companies and brands, we design and produce custom street advertising and guerrilla marketing campaigns. We always find a relevant and spectacular way to bring your message, brand, product or service to the attention of your target group.

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Recent projects

A selection of the most recent projects from our extensive portfolio.

Terneuzen awareness campaign

Terneuzen awareness campaign

Digital graffiti wall in Zurich.

Zurich digital graffiti wall

Graffiti workshop Nike Laakdal

Graffiti workshop Nike Laakdal

Pixelwall Zaventem

Pixelwall Zaventem

A 3d street painting as a shopping center promotion

3D street painting Zwolle

Fireworks campaign municipality of Utrecht

Fireworks campaign municipality of Utrecht

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About Graffitinetwerk

From a passion that got out of hand graffiti is around 1990 Graffitinetwerk established. Where we occasionally carried out assignments with a few people, nowadays we work full-time with more than 30 people from home and abroad. Graffitinetwerk is like graffiti, street art and guerrilla marketing company market leader within the Benelux and guarantees originality, quality and innovation.

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Annual overview 2019.

Annual overview 2018.

Annual overview 2017.

Grafity, grafitti or graffiti?

The Italian word “Graffiti"Means" scratched drawings "and is the plural form of the word graffito. This word is related to graffio (scratch) and the verb graffiare (scratches). Graffiare is connected via Latin to the Greek verb γράφειν (graphein, scratching, writing, engraving).

In the Benelux, graffiti is pronounced correctly as 'crow-fie-tion'. Although the phenomenon has spread from America, where the word is spoken with the emphasis on the second syllable, in the Netherlands it is often (incorrectly) pronounced as 'gref-fi-ti', which then sounds like gravity.

The history in short

The phenomenon of leaving your name has existed for centuries. This phenomenon, that now Graffiti is mentioned all over the world. Around 1970, the form of grafitti as we know it today arose in America. Graffiti has many appearances, including the often colorfully worked out words (pieces), sprayed side walls on commission (murals) and the messy texts on walls or objects (tags).

Graffiti on commission is generally seen as an art form, while the 'tags' mainly cause nuisance. Street art originated from grafiti and is originally an indication for creations made with templates.

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