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Hire a graffiti artist? Just do it!

Hiring a graffiti artist? Are you looking for one graffiti artist for a mural or a workshop? That hits. Graffitinetwerk stands with a professional and dedicated team of over 30 international graffiti artists ready for you, whatever your graffiti wish. We are happy to take care of all imaginable activities around graffiti and street art. For individuals, companies and municipalities.

Turn that boring wall into a unique attention-grabber by applying a custom-made mural!

Originality, quality and innovation in graffiti

It all started around 1990 with some friends, some aerosols and a hobby that got out of hand. That has now grown into a company with more than 30 graffiti artists from home and abroad. In 2005 we had the scoop to perform the first graffiti workshop for the business market!

Although we are now a real graffiti company, we still stand for originality, quality and innovation. Just like in those turbulent early days of our street art company.

Do you want to create something truly unique or are you looking for an unforgettable event? Then call on our graffiti artists, who will put their heart and soul into taking care of something out of the ordinary for you.

One of our murals.

One of our street art murals

Team building as a company outing? The graffiti workshop!

Our graffiti sprayers provide daily workshops on one of our own graffiti locations or at a location of your choice. For example as a creative company outing, team building activity, meeting break or as a bachelor party.

During a graffiti workshop we can work together on one large work of art or all on our own pieces. We have graffiti workshops that are tailored to individuals and business workshops for companies, groups, incentives and during corporate events.

During our workshops you can always count on expert guidance and a clear explanation. After we have discussed the basic techniques, we will start making an artwork. Because the best thing is to just do it. Our experience is that everyone loves to make something special with an aerosol. "You really bring out the creativity in our team," is something we hear very often.

In short, one graffiti workshop under the guidance of an experienced graffiti artist you must experience. Whether on a canvas, on paper, on a container, on a floor or on a wall.

Graffiti murals at home or in the office

Also a brilliant idea: one hire graffiti artist to make a mural. Our graffiti painters have made the most beautiful creations in living rooms and bedrooms, but also embellished plenty of garden walls, parking garages, walls of offices and even the outside of commercial buildings.

It goes without saying that we determine in advance how the artwork or the advertising painting will look like. Maybe you already have an idea how it should be and you are only looking for an artful elaboration. Even if you don't know yet, we are happy to help you with tips and inspiration.

Just imagine how that boring wall by applying a custom wall painting suddenly becomes a unique attention-grabber!

Hire graffiti artists for artwork in public space

Municipalities rent the artists of Graffitinetwerk regularly to provide objects such as viaducts, bicycle tunnels or electricity houses with appropriate artwork. This way you prevent such objects from being 'ugly' daubed and graffiti nuisance arises. We call this an anti-graffiti solution. Our portfolio contains many examples of such projects.

We can also assist municipalities with creative projects in collaboration with neighborhoods or associations to combat graffiti problems. Simply let us know what the wishes and expectations are and we would like to think along about the possibilities.

A selection from the work of our graffiti painters

Photos of the possibilities of graffiti and street art projects, a selection from our portfolio. Check out our extensive portfolio for more graffiti and street art examples.

Street art during events and parties

Product activations, introductions, presentations, relationship days and other corporate events or a company outing or incentive. Or private parties such as birthdays, bachelor parties or family days. You can't imagine it if we have been there and we have done it. Want to know which companies preceded you? View the overview of our clients.

We like to provide a graffiti demonstration where we use live products adjust. Think, for example, of cars, clothing, bags and shoes. If desired, members of staff or relations simply participate under supervision.

Prefer no hassle with paint during your event? How about a digital graffiti wall where guests can express themselves creatively with our graffiti software? Where creativity is central, almost nothing is impossible. Whatever we do, we always bring it original and unique. That is the power of graffiti art.

Hire a graffiti artist at Graffitinetwerk?

Do you have a completely different idea for which you want to hire a graffiti artist? Then we are all the more curious! Because even though we work as graffiti team 30 years of graffiti art together, there are still things that surprise us. Even gladly.

Our graffiti artists have different specialties. Each artist can contribute ideas from his or her own specialism and background about the request or assignment you have for us. Read more about what we like graffiti company all do.

So do not hesitate to submit your proposals or ideas to us. You can always count on us to think along with you, also in terms of budget or with a rapidly approaching deadline.

Due to the wide variation in prices, we advise you to request advice or a price calculation without obligation via our contact page. Contact us now and receive a response today.

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