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Do you want to commission professional graffiti?

Of course you know that graffiti is more than letters on a train or under a tunnel. You may know that a 'tag' is a quick signature and that a 'piece' is elaborated letters with outlines and coloring. But are you familiar with the possibilities of graffiti on assignment?

You don't have to remember what a 'throw-up' is. What is good to know is that graffiti and street art can add value to your company. How? By opting for professional graffiti and street art on assignment.

With a temporary or permanent graffiti artwork in your office or on the outside wall you distinguish yourself from your competitors. And what do you think of our street advertising campaigns? A temporary eye-catcher that draws attention to your company, brand or location in an original way?

Looking for one graffiti sprayer who knows how important your brand is? Graffitinetwerk is the partner who can help you further. There are several ways in which you can use graffiti within your company, in this blog message we show some examples.

Our graffiti artists and street art artists not only master their craft to the last detail, they also enjoy sharing their experience with others.

Bespoke graffiti murals

Put your company logo, name or product on a wall or choose a nice slogan like wall painting. A well-chosen design contributes to the atmosphere and identity of a business space or office building.

Did you know that commissioned graffiti does not necessarily have to be applied to a wall? More and more companies are opting for a beautiful ground painting. 3D paintings are also on the rise. With an optical illusion, attention is guaranteed. Read more about the different types paintings that we offer.

A ground drawing on a floor sticker

A ground drawing on a floor sticker

Effective anti-graffiti projects for graffiti nuisance

Many municipalities have already enlisted our help. Fences, electricity sheds, viaducts and tunnels are often a practice object for graffiti writers. Unfortunately for the public space, it is not only the talented artists who indulge themselves and there is regular talk for local residents  graffiti nuisance.

By having us make a work of art that leaves a positive impression, you can prevent this. Within the graffiti and street art world there is an unwritten rule: you stay away from each other's work. Our preference is for neighborhood participation when carrying out an anti-graffiti project.

We like to work with local residents to come up with a beautiful design together. By involving as many people as possible in an anti-graffiti project, the chance that the artwork will be smeared is minimal. There is also often a sense of involvement in and responsibility for the artwork from the neighborhood.

Municipality of Baarn wall painting

Municipality of Baarn wall painting

Live art and customizing during your event

Whether it is a corporate party or a presentation: our creative graffiti demonstrations add something unforgettable to your important moments. Would you like to give the visitors of your event a souvenir? Let's make something on canvas or better yet, let's do it together.

Of course we can make a work of art from your logo live, but we can also depict your core values, capture a brainstorming session in an original way or make beautiful photo-realistic portraits of your employees.

Give us the freedom to advertise your product in an original way by means of graffiti. At Nissan they dared to have us paint the latest Micra. They also tacked at Porsche. A black Cayenne got a new look from us during a live customizing session at the presentation of this new model.

Customizing a Porsche during an event

Customizing a Porsche during an event

Our digital graffiti wall as side entertainment

Our digital graffiti wall is a resounding success at many events at home and abroad. Visitors do not spray with paint but with infrared light and can print the result home with them. Because the graffiti wall is interactive, the options for fitting your own logo or corporate identity are endless.

The digital graffiti wall is suitable for all kinds of creative and business meetings such as trade fairs, product presentations and team building events. Read more about the possibilities of our digital graffiti wall and how it can be used.

Rabobank digital graffiti wall

Rabobank digital graffiti wall

Get started with graffiti during a company outing

Did you know that graffiti can also provide a connection in the workplace? If you are looking for an activity where cooperation is central, you are at Graffitinetwerk at the right place. We offer with our graffiti workshop a nice alternative to the classic company outing.

We teach your team the basics of spraying graffiti during an inspiring and creative workshop. For example, our graffiti experience offers the opportunity to come into contact with the best graffiti artists in Europe. After a theoretical part about the local graffiti culture, you will of course also get to work yourself.

The graffiti workshop as a company outing

The graffiti workshop as a company outing

Guerrilla marketing and temporary street advertising campaigns

Do you prefer a temporary form of outdoor advertising? Then choose reverse or green graffiti. Maximum effect with minimal resources. For this special form of graffiti, we don't need much more than water, a stencil and a high-pressure cleaner. Actually we do nothing more than spray the ground clean, but with a nice design.

With this form of guerrilla marketing you can advertise in an original way in the outdoor area. Depending on the surface, our reverse graffiti will remain visible for a few weeks to a few months. If the surface is not dirty enough or if you are allowed to work with color, you can also opt for temporary chalk expressions.

Reverse graffiti as outdoor advertising

Reverse graffiti as outdoor advertising

Have graffiti made on commission or learn more?

If you choose to have graffiti made by order by our network, you automatically choose more than 20 years of experience. Our artists from the Netherlands and Belgium not only master their profession to perfection, they also enjoy passing on their experience to others. Learn more about why and how to get a graffiti artist can hire.

Do you need us for a branch in another country? No problem at all: we enjoy traveling and have a large network of international colleagues we work with.

Curious how the graffiti artists of Graffitinetwerk can be of service to you? Please contact us completely. Prefer to read reviews first? Good idea: we are proud of the reviews that we get.

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