3 reasons to use our digital graffiti wall during trade fairs and events

Digital graffiti makes trade fairs and events a commercial and creative success. Original entertainment is almost always appreciated by visitors and guests. As a rule, they respond enthusiastically to our digital graffiti wall. The use of this offers considerable benefits. In this blog we explain which they are.

What is digital graffiti?

First of all it is important to take a closer look at digital graffiti. What exactly should you imagine about this? In short, Digifitti® is a multi-user application that works on an interactive screen. No paint comes from our special spray cans, but infrared light that communicates with the Digiffiti wall. That does not provide paint or mist, but it does produce the most beautiful creations. The graffiti wall can therefore be used almost anywhere.

The graffiti experience is also preserved: the spray cans hiss as usual during spraying. With that, the developers of Digifitti - true graffiti artists with more than 20 years of experience - have made the experience as realistic as possible. The question is: why would you use digital graffiti at a trade show or event? Below we describe 3 benefits!

Photos of our digital graffiti wall

Digital graffiti wall Zurich

Digital graffiti wall Zurich

Digital graffiti wall

Air-graffiti wall Flanders Expo


Digital graffiti demo PON

Digital graffiti wall

Side entertainment Chrome 6

Digital graffiti wall

Air graffiti during event

Digital graffiti wall

Graffiti wall DeFabrique

Digital graffiti wall

1. Branding: put your brand on the map

During trade fairs and events, guests are looking for a creative and inventive form of entertainment. A Digifitti wall will therefore do well. Because you can customize it entirely to your liking, you put your brand firmly on the map. Make sure that the Digifitti wall matches your brand, corporate identity and / or product. Or insert an image that forms the basis for the artworks that visitors will create.

The digital graffiti application has a very wide color palette, which also includes various line thicknesses and types. In addition, you can use the many templates, stamps and backgrounds for an unforgettable experience. The background can be provided with branding in advance, or you can use your own visual for this. Participants then create a creation based on your visual.

To make full use of the branding options, it is advisable to place an overlay with your logo, logo or message. Spraying is not possible, which means that your overlay will always be visible - even when guests print the photo or post their creations on social media. A very effective way of branding!

2. The 'live factor': directly online with your brand

If a Wi-Fi connection is available, participants can send the created artworks directly from the Digifitti application to a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter channel or to an e-mail address. In addition, the artworks are automatically digitally saved as an image. Digital graffiti therefore offers possibilities to create the 'live feeling' and go online immediately with your brand.

3. Digital graffiti as a crowd puller: activity and interaction

If desired, our photographer can take live photos of your guests in a greenscreen setting. The photos are automatically displayed on the graffiti wall, after which participants can personalize their photos by, for example, adding other backgrounds, templates, texts or animated animations. In our experience this not only leads to a lot of activity at a stand, but also to a lot of interaction - both on location and on social media. Digital graffiti makes it easy to get in touch with a new audience and to creatively introduce your brand!

Want to use digital graffiti at a trade show or event?

Our unique concept is popular at home and abroad. Our Digifitti wall is used weekly in the Netherlands and Belgium and regularly in Germany, France and Luxembourg. We have also been able to provide our digital graffiti wall during events in Spain, Portugal, Sweden and the Middle East.

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