Graffiti for companies: really stand out with a graffiti mural

How do you stand out as a company today? Ordinary advertising on posters, such as in bus shelters and in public transport, does not always work anymore: people are often blinded in an overstimulated environment. Passersby turn their necks around for street art in the form of graffiti or a mural. So it is a good idea to turn your advertising into a wall painting. That's why we make graffiti for companies. That's smart to notice.

What is graffiti for companies?

Very simple: striking street art, as you often encounter, but in the sign of your company. For example, an wall painting with an advertisement, a text in beautiful calligraphic handwriting or a huge painted logo. Even a painting on the street ('street painting') is possible. Or live painting at a trade fair, for example. Then we ensure that your stand is ready by completing a painting during the day, based on your company or service. That is guaranteed to attract an audience! Our skilled sign painters can also paint signboards and windows with your steady hand, for example with your logo and opening hours. That gives your shop an authentic look, which looks more professional than adhesive letters. In short: you can not think of it as crazy if it is possible.

Photos of our graffiti murals

Photos of the possibilities of graffiti for companies, a selection from our portfolio.

Pixelwall Zaventem

Pixelwall Zaventem

Live art

Advertising paintings MTH

Wall painting office

Customizing Parndorf, Austria


Anamorphic painting Lyle & Scott

Wall painting

Radboud stairwell wall painting

Wall painting

Wall painting church Hulst

Wall painting

Graffiti for municipalities and individuals

A advertising painting can have a temporary character, but a permanent mural is also possible. For example, municipalities can benefit from a striking mural. We have already provided walls with artistic graffiti for various municipalities, for example to brighten up a square or even to prevent vandalistic graffiti. Moreover, as a private individual you can also use our services, both indoors and outdoors. Think of a photo-realistic portrait of your family, or a wall in your living room or garden with a creative twist.

Murals as wall decoration

Wall paintings are possible on interior and exterior walls. Graffiti murals for companies are completely contemporary. We see more and more often that companies have a real eye-catcher on their company wall made by a graffiti company. It not only looks neat and professional, but also serves as an original and eye-catching billboard. Incidentally, it does not have to be advertising: our murals are also often used as wall decorations in clothing stores, office spaces, restaurants, schools and much more.

Why graffiti for your company?

  • Street art can be used as a striking advertisement that is seen by many people, but is not considered annoying or pushy
  • A mural has an attractive design, fully adapted to your own wishes
  • A large painting can brighten up a dull interior or exterior wall
  • A mural gives your office, company canteen or reception area an 'on brand' appearance

How does that work, graffiti for companies?

As a professional graffiti company we only work with experienced and expert graffiti and street art artists. We look for a suitable artist for every style, from a photo-realistic painting to slogans in handwritten decorative letters. From a meter-high logo to an artistic work of art. Once we have found the right artist, the design will be completely tailored to your wishes. No idea is crazy! We also have no limit in terms of size.

What does a graffiti mural cost?

The prices of our graffiti murals are always custom-made. A price is calculated on the basis of the location, the size, the accessibility of the work surface and the complexity of the concept. Due to the wide variation in prices, we advise you to buy one without obligation request a quote.

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